Ongi Etorri, Bienvenu and Welcome!

This database is dedicated to the Basque immigrants as well as other French and Spanish individuals who bravely left their home villages to come to Southern California during the late 19th and 20th centuries. The title of Bridge to the Pyrenees reflects the desire to provide information on these courageous immigrants themselves, as well as information about their parents and children (when known) in order to portray a full picture of their lives on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.

Our current research is to include those individuals living in Southern California up to 1940 as that is the most recent U.S. census records available. As time permits, we will continue to add individuals and families and we encourage anyone who is interested in having their family members included, to contact us using the link below.

Tales from the Past.... An Oral History Project

We are happy to be able to present a number of interviews have been conducted by Jeanette Bidart, Marianna Etcheverria and Mitch Gariador over the past few years to capture the stories of various immigrants and/or their descendants. Those interviews are being edited to be available through this website. They will be listed on the Tales from the Past page of this website as well as within each individual record of those interviewed.

We have available for viewing those individuals listed on the right column of this web page. Going forward we will continue to edit and post interviews that have already been completed and we are going to be contacting willing individuals who would like to tell their story or that of their family in order to continue capturing the priceless history of this incredible community.

We've Moved!!

We have changed the URL of this website to to make it easier for our followers to remember. The original URL of will still redirect any users to the new site. We hope we do not lose any interested followers through this move but rather make the URL more reflective of the overall intent of the website.